1. Seminars/Short courses/Webinars/Talks
  • Training is a highly useful and effective approach used to empower clients with knowledge and skills on how to effectively manage or cope with psychological related issues/challenges on our day to day living.
  • Flourish counselling services trainings, covers a wide range of skills that most individuals, organizations, families, churches and the society generally value as fundamental and crucial.
  • Each training program is fully customized to meet your company’s, organization’s, church and family needs. We work with our clients to design a course relevant to their needs. The sessions are interactive and participatory.
  • The courses offered are at a foundational or basic level, accompanied by certificates of participation.
  • Our team is composed of experienced trainers and counsellors who are both passionate and knowledgeable.
  • Courses on offer:
  1. Self – awareness course
  2. Basic Counselling skills
  • Stress and Resilience course
  1. Loss and Grief
  2. Psychological Addictions and Substance Abuse